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Associate Comic Books Sales and Consignment Manager (Philippines Remote)

Work Type: Full Time


We are avid collectors building the most efficient, specialized collectible communities on earth; where our vision is to know where every collectible is in the world, who has it, who wants it, and use technology to bring them together. Today, we operate three marketplaces, including HipComic, HipStamp, and HipPostcard. At HipComic we’re blazing a trail in the comic book industry with our advanced image recognition features for selling, as well as our My Collection app that lets you organize and track your collection with just one snap. We are a dynamic, fast-growing, VC-backed company that caters to collectors from all over the world. Our company is known for its vibrant culture and community, and we are committed to providing the best customer experience to our users. We’re also a worldwide, fully remote team, with a strong employee presence in the United States and the Philippines, and our employees are our strongest assets.


At Hip eCommerce, we're seeking an Associate Comic Book Sales and Consignments Manager. This role is designed for individuals who are passionate about developing their skills in sales, lead management, and customer engagement. The ideal candidate will have a general interest in pop culture, with a willingness to understand niche markets like comic books, enabling them to connect with a diverse range of collectors and enthusiasts. This position is perfect for those who are ready to dive into the world of sales, focusing on managing sales pipelines, engaging with potential clients, and supporting strategic partnerships to foster successful sales outcomes.


πŸš€ Inbound Consignment Lead Management: Manage the Inbound Consignment Leads Pipeline effectively, ensuring a smooth journey for leads from showing initial interest to successful auction consignment.

πŸ“ž Multi-Channel Lead Engagement: Engage with potential clients through email, text, and phone, providing guidance at each stage of the pipeline to facilitate progress through the funnel.

🀝 Lead Conversion: Utilize your persuasive communication skills to introduce leads to the benefits of our auction consignment service and the My Collection: Comic Scanner app.

πŸ’° Auction Estimates Assistance: 
Assist in providing auction estimates to leads and support the online auction process.

πŸ“£ Marketing Support: Collaborate with the Marketing department to help promote auction events, aiming to improve visibility, reach, and auction results.

πŸ”„ Resource Coordination: Assist in planning and managing resources to efficiently handle leads and coordinate auctions, engaging with clients as needed.

πŸ”— Auction Event Support: Help in organizing and managing auction events, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.

πŸ“¬ Customer Inquiry Response: Address and manage inbound inquiries from customers about consigned auction events, focusing on comic-related questions to maintain high customer satisfaction.

πŸ” Comic Book Appreciation: Apply your growing knowledge of comic books to offer assistance, aiming to enhance the credibility and appeal of our service through informed discussions.


✨ Client-Focused Approach: You prioritize creating positive client experiences with a willingness to learn.

🌟 Emerging Sales Skills: You are developing your sales skills and are keen on learning how to convert leads into clients by emphasizing the value of our services.

πŸ’‘ CRM Familiarity: Open to learning and becoming proficient in Customer Relationship Management systems, with a focus on converting leads.

πŸ“ˆ Task Management: You are capable of managing tasks effectively, showing potential for handling comic book-related sales interactions in a fast-paced environment.

βš™οΈ Organizational Skills: Your organized approach enables you to manage responsibilities efficiently, with a readiness to improve processes and contribute to the team's success.

🌐 Adaptability and Eagerness to Learn: You are adaptable and eager to learn about the comic book sales and auction industry, staying informed about trends and market shifts.

πŸ“š Comic Book Enthusiast: While an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books is not required, a genuine interest in and basic understanding of the comic book industry, including mainstream and less well-known titles, is important. You should be willing to learn and engage in discussions about comic books, contributing to client trust and service credibility.


  • Employees are expected to work Monday-Friday within standard operating hours of 7am-5pm Eastern Time Monday-Thursday, and 8am-12pm Eastern Time Friday.


  • To maintain appropriate productivity and performance, remote employees should choose a work environment that is free from distractions, has a reliable internet connection, and supports the employee’s ability to dedicate their full attention to their job duties during work hours.

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